moving the needle: elizabeth + dale of Sweats and the City


Elizabeth + Dale started out on their journey because of their shared love for New York and fitness. Their site, Sweats & The City was born as the two roommates shared their good (and sometimes bad) experiences in the NYC fitness class offerings. Today, with more than 38K loyal followers, Elizabeth + Dale share the best of boutique fitness, athleisure, fashion & beauty with the goal of helping others become happier and healthy versions of themselves. Elizabeth + Dale also host various classes in NYC!

the void: What was your biggest fear starting on your path and how did you overcome it?

Elizabeth + Dale: To be fully transparent, our biggest fear was definitely failure. The fact that the two of us were in it together, though, was definitely what helped us push through that initial fear. It's a lot easier taking on a challenge when you have a support system right there in it beside you.

the void: Failures happen. What made you pick yourself up and believe in yourself when it felt impossible?

Elizabeth + Dale: The beginning stages of starting a blog can be particularly tough. Whether it's creating enough initial momentum, facing the fact that everyone starts small, or, even having some people in your life doubt you and what you're doing. The instances where we receive positive feedback from our followers, that we're inspiring them in some way or that they've done something specifically because we've recommended it, those are the moments that pick us up every single time we're feeling down in this journey.

the void: What's was the point in your journey where you said "f*ck it, I'm just going to do it" and took the risk?

elizabeth + Dale: Honestly, this was as soon as we thought of our name, Sweats & The City. Things just clicked, and we were like, we can't let this go to waste. The energy that we were putting into the whole thing just skyrocketed from there!


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