Off The Record: Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo,
Founders of JaneDO

Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo are the founders of the premier fitness studio, JaneDO. As former professional dancers and celebrity fitness trainers, they know first hand the demands of a professional career in fitness and how taxing it can be on your mind, body and spirit. JANEDO’s premise is based on the understanding that confidence is every woman’s greatest strength.  JaneDO is a place to empower women to find their strength through fitness so they can “DO” all the things they want - own a business meeting, rock a date, cross a finish line.  Jacey and Danielle worked through the many trials and tribulations in creating and growing, not only a business, but a new way of life. they learned it’s way more fun when you experience these crazy life journeys as a pair!

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

the void: What was the impetus for starting JaneDo and tell me a little bit about the name?

Jacey: Initially, we thought to fill a void in the local market with the opening of “the sports barre”, which we soon evolved into JaneDO. We really quickly realized that we needed a name that women could stand behind and brand that could evolve into greater facets like merchandise and out of studio experiences.
Danielle: we like to say “Jane” is every women and “do” is her call to action.

the void: Your platform within fitness is to "empower every woman to find her strength through fitness and do what others don't" - why was that important for you to launch your company around?

Danielle: it was important for us because we felt it wasn’t what happened inside the studio that mattered, it was how you use your strength outside the studio to do something spectacular. the way we wanted to highlight that was on our website for our clients, we have a segment called “Jane DID” and it’s a place that other clients can nominate each other or instructors can nominate their clients to share everything that’s happening outside the studio. I mean we have a plethora of amazing things that women are accomplishing. That’s why it was important to us.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

the void: What does your definition of “healthy” mean for women and why does it need to be redefined?

Jacey: we measure strength by confidence rather than the typical inches or pounds lost. Despite the stereotypical definition of what healthy and beautiful mean – the sexiest quality a woman can portray, we feel, is her confidence and that gets lost in other fitness brands and in other studios. It’s become so much about vanity and so much less about what really matters. So it can really make a difference.

the void: In your opinion what's the power of women's confidence and how can their confidence change their lives?

Danielle: as women, it’s our job to sit at the table to ask for what we want and speak up and confidence is what gives us the strength to do this. It also allows us to win a race, to wear sexy lingerie, and rock a job interview.
Jacey: we’ve seen our clients achieve these momentous moments that they never thought possible like a job they didn’t think they could get or asking for a raise
Danielle: or even as simple as raising your hand in front of a large group of people. Those are huge accomplishments for women and confidence is what gives you that.

the void: When you were first starting JaneDO what helped you put one foot in front of the other when you were facing roadblocks or overwhelming challenges on your journey?

Danielle: I think it’s just overwhelming to look at the big picture so if you say “I want to build a global brand” - well where do you even start? If you have a list with three things on it and you just cross one of those things off. Sometimes Jacey and I look at each other and we'll say what did get accomplished today? And I say I got someone on the phone at P&G which is the utility company here in New Jersey. That sometimes feels really good just to do that. So accomplishing a lot of these small things are going to lead you to your ultimate goal. I think that’s good advice regardless of what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it’s a fitness goal, a nutrition goal, financial goals – they have to take small bites.

Building a strong foundation it is the most important part. People always ask us too “you guys are getting ready to open your third studio, is that it? Will you be done then? I think just on this journey and this thing called life, are we ever done?  I don’t think we should ever get to this point of complacency. We need to continue to challenge ourselves. Not always “what’s the next thing” because I do think that we need to live in the moment and appreciate and acknowledge what we’ve accomplished. it is okay to look back and stop and take a moment but then continue to push yourself and dream big. The things that we are capable of are unbelievable, especially with women.

the void: How does getting centered physically help women mentally in their everyday lives?

Jacey: We constantly tell our clients that you have to put yourself first before anyone else, so if you don’t love yourself first and foremost, or take the time for self-love, then you can’t possibly give it to other people. Self-love is objective. In relation to our studio we say if you can take an hour for yourself in class then that gives you what you need to carry it with you and give it to other people throughout the day.

the void: If you had to give a piece of advice to someone just starting on their journey launching a new business, starting a career, following their passion or if they are hitting a major roadblock in their journey forward - what would your advice be?

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

(Photo Credit: Instagram/JaneDO)

Jacey: We would not do this without each other.
Danielle: Each of our strengths balance our weaknesses and vice versa. If one of us is having a bad day the other can pull you up. We celebrate the achievements together. Get through the hard times together.
Jacey: We also tell people to fail fast. We certainly made a shitload of mistakes. It’s just what you make of that. And don’t be afraid of it. fail beautifully. fail with grace. fail with confidence
Danielle: if you’re going to fail, really fucking fail.
Jacey: Our mantra is “jane do it” – don’t let fear hold you back from trying something I mean at least try it
Danielle: you’ll never regret the try. You’ll regret not trying it-you won’t regret putting yourself out there and trying.

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