"F*ck it, I'm Just Going to do It": One Woman's Journey to Being a Leader in the Wellness Industry

minna lee is a “jill of all trades” with her work as a trainer, nutrition coach, wellness blogger and most recently founder of live 24k, which is a brand new wellness product with the goal of helping others live purely and to the highest potential life has to offer. minna is making her own mark on the wellness world and striving to help people live a happier and healthier life.



the void: what was your biggest fear starting on your path and how did you overcome it?

minna lee: when i first decided to pursue a career in fitness after quitting my first job out of college, the fitness industry was nowhere near where it is today. becoming a trainer was not a glamorous profession and friends were concerned i was throwing away my nyu degree to work in a gym.

in my heart though, i felt so fulfilled by helping people live healthier lives so it helped me forge my way forward. i think immersing myself in my career and focusing on doing the work helped really eliminate the outside background noise of doubts and judgements around me. i like to say, focus on the product (the work) first and foremost, and the rest will come.

the void: failures happen. what made you pick yourself up and believe in yourself when it felt impossible?

minna lee: failures and disappointments absolutely happen-- it is just a part of life. i think that acknowledging and accepting that inevitability really helped me realize that building resilience was more important than trying to sidestep failure. by taking this perspective, i've found that failure feels less like failure and more like a change in course.

in those instances though when you feel like the odds and world are stacked against you, it can be so challenging to pick yourself back up. doubting your work is never a bad thing-- it makes you improve and become better. but letting that doubt creep over into a reflection of yourself or worth? that doesn't need to happen. focusing on my skills and abilities, and trusting that my instincts have gotten me this far, rather than fixating on the situational failure in front of me-- that is what helps me push forward!

the void: what's was the point in your journey where you said "f*ck it, i'm just going to do it" and took the risk?

minna lee: funny enough you ask that, because i'm doing my "f*ck it" jumping off a cliff venture right now!  it was kind of a serendipitous culmination of my passions, my career, and personal experiences leading me up to this. i'm launching a wellness product! i was originally going to start on a mom + pop scale, but it quickly evolved into something more official than that and i'm just going with it, even if it's absolutely terrifying and risky.

i don't want to look back one day and say that i wish i had explored that opportunity, but i didn't because things were comfortable. i think that to be a changemaker, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. at least, this is what i'm telling myself right now as i'm about to leap off of the cliff with this product launch!

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