our 3 favorite tracks off florence + the machine’s new album


You may remember Florence + The Machine as the makers of the monster hit “Dog Days Are Over” about ten years ago. Or perhaps you know them for “Shake It Out,” the fun, upbeat single off their second album, Ceremonials. But there is so much more to Florence + The Machine, starting with their insanely talented frontwoman, Florence Welch. florence, who has cited Grace Slick (of Jefferson Airplane) and Alanis Morissette as influences, formed the band in 2007 with teenage Isabelle Summers. Since then, Florence + The Machine has released four studio albums, the most recent, high as hopes, coming out this past Friday!

Check out our three favorite tracks from the new album below.

Big God

“Big God” was released a few weeks ago as the third single off High As Hope, and it's insanely relatable. Florence recently chatted with DIY Magazine about the track and explained that the song was about getting “ghosted,” a phrase us single ladies are more than familiar with. the name came about When explaining her situation to someone and they told her she needed a “big god” to fill the void; In her words, “probably something bigger than a text message.” We love this track because not only are the lyrics strong, but F+TM also released a gorgeous (and extremely aesthetically pleasing) music video for this track. 


South London Forever

We were instantly drawn to the track “South London Forever,” a cheerful tune that falls third in line on the High As Hope tracklist. This song seems to be an ode to florence's childhood, and growing up outside of London. It alludes to being young and carefree, while chasing big dreams: “It doesn’t get better than this, there can be nothing better than this,” she sings.

Sky Full of Song

“Sky Full of Song” was the very first single off this album, and its release had everyone buzzing about new material from Florence + The Machine. The hype was high, and for good reason. In a press release, florence describes the song as falling out of the sky “fully formed,” and explains that when you perform, sometimes you get so high that it’s hard to come back down. This feeling is evident in her lyrics “Grab me by my ankles, I've been flying for too long.” Check out the music video for the song below.