Let It Out: How One Woman Journaled Her Way To Self Discovery

Did you ever have a journal as a kid? Well, Katie Dalebout has made that into her adult career. Don’t believe us? Check out the book she authored, Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling, the ultimate guide to helping you keep that diary going and using it to better yourself.

We know what you’re wondering. How did she get there? Well, the 20-something started by carving out her own little spot on the world wide web and then set out on a quest to find out who she really is. And it’s something she continues to define on a daily basis (that’s where the journaling comes in). But that’s not all: Katie is a writer, a podcast host, a contributor to Refinery 29, and an “expert of nothing, but enthusiast of a bunch of things” with an overall focus on self-care, self-awareness, and self-expression for the greater good. She is fully focused on expressing herself to the fullest extent and is on the long and winding road to help herself and others discover their true selves.

(photo credit:  Abbey Moore )

(photo credit: Abbey Moore)

The void: We imagine the path to discovering yourself wasn’t always easy, and as they say, life is all about taking risks. Can you tell us about a moment where you took a huge gamble and felt like it really paid off in the end?

Katie: Moving to NYC was a big step for me. I learned a lot and grew quite a bit as a person; it felt like a huge risk at the time. And living in NYC wasn't the smartest financial choice for me, especially because I didn't have to move there for any specific reason other than that I wanted to. But I did, because it intuitively felt like that was where I wanted and needed to be. Once I finally committed to that idea, I felt better than ever. Things ended up working out and everything came easier than I ever thought it would.

(photo credit:  Abbey Moore )

(photo credit: Abbey Moore)

The void: Besides journaling, what has been a powerful tool for you in continuing to evolve on this journey?

Katie: Music is extremely powerful and has helped me in my life in a myriad of ways. Most notably, music is a tool to help me to feel my feelings. I tend to be someone extremely caught up in my head. I disassociate from my physical body when I’m thinking and music helps me to be present and to process the emotions I'm feeling inside. Music is also powerful for enhancing those feelings or even changing the emotions I’m having; if I’m feeling low and need to muster up more energy for something, I can just listen to some music to pump me up and shift my energy where I need it to be.

The void: Finding yourself is a hard task. What were you most afraid of starting out?

Katie: I feel like I'm still figuring out my own path and how to get going on it. That being said, my biggest fear is constantly feeling like I don't have the time or space to express myself how I want to. But, when I let go of that and just do what I like and what’s authentic for me, that's when I feel my best and my work is my best and most creative.

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