Meet Nat & Liv: The BFFs and Cousins Who Went from Being WAGS to Being the Stars Of Their Own Life


Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson rose to fame on the guilty pleasure reality tv show WAGS, but they are so much more than their relationship status. 

As BFFs and cousins, Natalie and Olivia both boast beauty skills and social media chops, and they used those to become successful influencers with their own YouTube channel (200K+ subscribers) titled “Nat & Liv”. They also share fashion advice and beauty tips—as well as life updates, of course—on their blog, JEROME. And what’s an influencer without Instagram? Together, they have more than 6M followers on the platform(!).

That’s probably why E! Network tapped the entertaining duo for a new reality television show: Relatively Nat & Liv, an inside look at the gals’ lives in Canada, which are admittedly a little more humbling than the beauty and fame they’ve achieved in Los Angeles. 

We got the chance to chat with these two beauty queens and we quickly realized two things. Family always comes first, and while they love what they do, it’s hard work!

TV: We love you both as a duo, but we want to know how you would describe yourselves, separately?

Olivia: I think I am an outgoing, goofy, go-getter hustler. Oh, and a family girl! 

Natalie: I would describe myself as someone who is artistic, athletic, family-oriented and hard working. 

TV: And how would you describe each other? Something unique that other people may not know. 

Olivia: I don't often meet unique people like Natalie, but she doesn’t fully even recognize her talents. She's very talented and very artistic, and she's never one to boast about it. So, I'm always here trying to cheer her on and brag on her. She's very humble. 

Natalie: Well, I couldn't do anything without Olivia. She's very punctual. She's so good—she doesn't have any unread messages on her phone. She reads and responds to every email. She's never late. And I'm the exact opposite of that.

TV: How did you both get involved in the beauty/fashion/influencer space

Natalie: I think it was a natural progression for us. When we first went on social media, it wasn't really a platform yet. Influencers didn’t exist yet. And I think we were some of the first girls to kind of post a selfie with a product breakdown of what we were using. And then we started tagging what we were wearing. At the time, that was kind of like a brand-new idea. And I think that was how we first got our foot in the door, because people started following us just to see what we were wearing and using, and that was unique for the time. 

TV: You’re both from Vancouver originally. How do you think that separates you from the traditional LA crowd? 

Olivia: We always had a dream and a goal of coming to LA! Our work ethic is pretty strong - and we had to literally get here from another country. We do things a bit differently because we had to get here.

Natalie: We've kind of always stayed in our own lane. 


TV: You both are cousins and you rely on one another a lot. What is it like to work with your family?

Natalie: It’s kind of our whole entire life and our purpose for living. It gives us meaning in our life. All we really care about and everything we do is for family. That’s why the show together is a no-brainer. And it's so awesome! Just to think that essentially it’s our job to hang out with our family; we feel really blessed things panned out this way. 

Olivia: In short, our family is everything.

Natalie: Literally.

TV: What was that phone call like, when you found out you were getting your show on E!?

Olivia: It was exciting, of course! But, we kind of knew it was going to happen.

Natalie: We put it on our vision board 10 years ago. We put the E! symbol right in the middle of the board. Our whole family thought we were crazy. And then over the years, they kind of realized “wow, this is something they're really serious about and they're going to make it happen.” So when we got the phone call, it was kind of like we had already been there in our mind for 10 years. It just felt really right.


TV: And being that you are family, how do you keep from being competitive with one another?

Olivia: Natalie and I don’t fight. We never have fought and I don't see us fighting in the future. So that kind of comes with, I think, competitiveness—we're just not like that with each other. I don't think we're really like that with any other women or friends. It's just not a non-issue for us. 

Natalie: I think it probably hasn't been an issue for us because just naturally from a young age, when we've had we had something going on, we always brought the other person along. Maybe we just trust each other to know that no one would ever take advantage of the other person or get ahead of the other person. We've always just been so inclusive and supportive and encouraging; it’s never really been an issue.

TV: Being an influencer, it gets perceived that everything is always so glamorous—you're going to the best places, you have the best products. But tell us about the hard shit that comes with being an influencer.

Olivia: We're really grateful for the things that we consider our job, but I think maybe the most underestimated thing is that this is easy. I think people think we're just living in a glamorous place, snap a picture, and call it a day. There's just so much that goes into it, especially on instagram. There’s selecting the clothes that you’re going to post, taking the photos, editing the photos, organizing the Instagram feed, keeping a schedule set up.

Natalie: Hard work, it's a lot of work! 

TV: What's the one thing you each want to be remembered for, let’s say, 100 years from now?

Olivia: I would love to be remembered for spreading joy and making people laugh. That would be for me. 

Natalie: Yeah, I want to be remembered for having a good heart. And I want my friends and family around me to have good things to say about me and how I impacted their life.

TV: Lastly, if you had a piece of advice for your younger selves, what would it be?

Olivia: I think just to relax, you know? I think when you're younger, you think you have to, like, will everything into existence and you try really hard. Work hard, but relax. 

Natalie: I would say it's gonna be amazing. Get ready for a wild ride! 

Both: Work hard and good things will come. Yeah!!

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