5 things we learned about love & relationships from lauren zander and liddy huntsman


On Tuesday May 22, we chatted with badass life coach and co-founder of The Handel Group, Lauren Zander, and comedian-slash-creative executive at Bumble, Liddy Huntsman about all things love, sex and relationships. Here are five key takeaways from our #voidgathering:

1. “My closest friends I can count on 3 or 4 fingers. It’s the quality that really counts, not the quantity. That’s my rule in life” - Liddy Huntsman

When asked about the importance of female friendships, Liddy Huntsman held nothing back. She has “no problem throwing someone overboard” if they’re not contributing to her happiness in life. As you get older, she explains, you can find yourself in friendships that you’ve been in since high school or college. You may not have anything in common with that person anymore, and they may even turn into “toxic friendships.” Find the people that bring out the best in you. THAT we can get on board with!

2. “It really is a job. ‘In love’ is a verb, not a noun.” - Lauren Zander

Women often complain about how hard the dating world is. How they’ve tried everything and nothing is working. Lauren reminds us, finding love and being in love is a JOB. It’s not easy. It requires work. So the next time you want to cancel your date because you’re tired or you’ve had a bad day at work, remember it’s the effort that counts. It’s not going to come easy, but it will be well worth it.

3. “You have to love yourself before you love another person.” - Liddy Huntsman

Women often find themselves searching for that perfect partner. And for some, it seems like the search is going on forever. If you’re not happy with yourself, Liddy explains, you’re never going to be happy bringing someone else into your life. Start with you. When you’re truly happy with yourself and your life, the rest will fall into place.

4. “You have different voices - your head, your heart, and your hoo-ha.” - Lauren Zander

The head, the heart, and the hoo-ha. This was a theme that Lauren Zander revisited throughout the gathering, and one that really stuck with us. In order to find that perfect partner, all three of these need to be in sync. Often, we find ourselves getting mixed signals from one, which will affect the other two. LADIES! Make sure your head, heart and hoo-ha are all in line (download Lauren’s 3H’s Guide To Rocking the First 3 Dates to get her practical, no-holds barred formula for dating and relationships).

5. “It’s about time that women can make the first move.”  - Liddy Huntsman

We want to end on this note: It’s about TIME that women can make the first move. Wise advice from Liddy, who works at a platform that built a foundation off of this notion. BUT, we think this should be applied to all aspects of dating and love. Women, put the ball in your court and take your shot! Your move.

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