Beach bodies and big dreams: meet the fitness influencer behind 21 day fix and 80 day obsession

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To say that Autumn Calabrese is #fitnessgoals is an understatement. Aside from her fitness inspo and real results-driven Instagram page, this celebrity trainer, cookbook author and working mom is widely known for her breakthrough fitness program 21 day fix and her newly-launched 80 day obsession.

But her jam-packed resume isn’t what defines her success; it’s the thousands of individuals she has helped to find happiness by pushing them to be their healthiest selves, all the while finding the happiest version of herself.

Through her self doubts, her disappointments, and the people around her that didn’t lift her up, autumn persevered: She got right back up, shifted things, and continued to move forward because she knew she couldn’t quit. Her journey wasn’t - and still isn’t - perfect, but she reminds us that your journey is yours and you can control it.

Fears and overcoming them

"My biggest fear when I first started as a personal trainer was not knowing if I'd really be able to support myself and my family. And not knowing how to find clients... I kept telling myself that there are thousands of successful trainers out there, so if you work hard enough and want it bad enough, you'll make it work. Every time I ran into an obstacle, I just told myself: “Ok, that didn't work. Try something else.” I got really creative very quickly."

Never giving up and finding success doing what you love

"I had a lot of disappointments and failures along the way, but the thought of quitting or giving up was the only thing that made me more sad than the failures. I wanted this so bad. Even when I was sitting on my couch crying, not knowing what my next move was, I just knew deep down that I wasn't going to quit. I was determined to find success doing what I love."

Following your own path

"It was right after my divorce. My husband and I didn't see eye-to-eye on me being an entrepreneur. Once we were divorced and there was no longer someone questioning my ambition, I went all in. I believed in myself and what I wanted to do, and what I could do, and I just went for it. It was a lot of work and a lot of long days, but it was totally worth it."