These Inspiring Women Put An Empowering Twist On The Greatest Showman’s Hit Song ‘This Is Me’

from the first moment we heard the greatest showman's soundtrack, we knew 'this is me' was going to be a mega hit. turns out, we were right. the oscar-nominated track, originally recorded by keala settle, has not only gained insane momentum, but it took on an even bigger meaning by becoming an anthem for self-love, inspiring listeners to embrace themselves, love their imperfections and show that absolutely nothing can stop you. so when smolls in the city, a production company based in NYC, released a powerful music video emulating the popular track, we knew it was going to be amazing.

The video created is titled #ThisIsNow and Molly Evans, the production company's founder, credits the Women's March, the rise of the #MeToo movement and the Time's Up organization for being the reason she and her team created this video and it's important message: "Our mission and intention with this video is to encourage women to lift each other up and work towards building a strong and supportive community of powerful individuals in this new age of women's empowerment."

The video was filmed by and features a talented group of performers from Broadway and New York City to all across the country. with thousands of views in just a few hours, this piece is sure to be a big hit. Watch the full video below.