From Being Vegan To Being Herself: How The Balanced Blonde Found Her Truth

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Meet The Balanced Blonde, a popular health and wellness website run by influencer Jordan Younger. The brand name has a nice ring to it, but it’s about so much more than just yoga poses and a hair color. Jordan is all about finding inner happiness and showcasing the importance of authenticity and owning your truth; finding that “f*ck it, this is me” moment and then owning the sh*t out of it. But it wasn’t always a balanced journey for Jordan.

Jordan started her social media career as The Blonde Vegan, a blog dedicated to living a completely vegan lifestyle. However, as life goes, her perspective changed and life evolved to a place beyond her original platform. At that point, Jordan decided she needed to get real with herself and her followers, in spite of potentially losing everything she had built until that point. Enter: The Balanced Blonde and the re-branded Jordan Younger, who is now not only a widely-successful blogger but also a podcaster, author, Instagrammer (with over 200K followers) and overall badass.

But because we love Jordan for her raw and honest mission, we will let her explain it all to you in her own words:

“I started off with my blog The Blonde Vegan and was committed to living a completely vegan lifestyle. After a few years, I realized that that my health had declined and that in order to get back to my healthiest self and my truest state of balance, I needed to be honest with my readers and myself. I was terrified what my readers would think about me—a diehard plant-based eater transitioning back to a diet with so much more variety. I wasn’t just changing my opinion about certain things, this was a fundamental shift in who I was as a person and as a resource.

I wasn't sure if my readership would completely abandon me or if my brand would crumble to the ground. But I knew I had to come forward with my truth in order to be completely authentic and open with the people who mattered most to me—my readers!

I remember walking home from the east village to the west village when I lived in New York, and sitting on a park bench typing a whole massive post now known as my "Why I'm Transitioning Away from Veganism" blog post. It was an outpouring straight from the heart. I went to a completely different place in my mind and soul when I wrote it, almost like blacking out.

That post ended up going viral, and people did freak out, but I also received so much support. Since that day, I have built The Balanced Blonde pretty much from the ground up, using the tools and techniques of authenticity that I have learned along the way. It's been a wild ride but without my ‘f*ck it’ moment, I wouldn't have anything that I have today (including my memoir and first book, Breaking Vegan!).”

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Brave? Yep. Confident? Hell yes. 100% her? Damn straight. Jordan, keep doing what you’re doing, because we are officially inspired.

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